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the process​

1. booking

2. consultation

3. preparing for your shoot

4. the session


Like with property, location is everything.  Sessions can be set in any location, studio, client’s home or bed-and-breakfast.  Our studio is located in a spacious apartment with multiple rooms.  This provides for clean images, it is fun, neutral, clean and an exciting environment, we even have safe and private abandoned spaces to shoot in.



Time of day doesn't affect the light when shooting at our studio.


If you book a hotel room, we can do the shoot mid-afternoon (after check-in) in natural light, the evening with artificial light or the morning in natural light before check-out.



Usually DUDOIR sessions are 2 or 4 hours.  It goes without saying that the longer the session the more images we can get.  Like with most things in life there is a sweet spot.  It takes most people an hour to warm up and relax into the shoot.  The second hour starts producing the best shots.  After a break the last two hours tend to be more creative.  At this stage most people are tired, it is hard work, you will see.

5. products

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