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the process​

1. booking

2. consultation

3. preparing for your shoot

Getting some pampering before the shoot is always a good idea, hair, skin, mani / pedi…….you are worth it!!


PLEASE AVOID: botox, new haircuts, fake tans, waxing and shaving of body hair (less than 48 hours before the shoot).


What to bring

You bring your own wardrobe which should include a variety of shapes, colours and formal / informal or casual looks…….more is better.  Think about clothes that make you feel comfortable / sexy and that are raw “manly”.  Normally 2 – 3 outfit changes per hour are manageable.


Specific pieces to bring:

- a plain colour button down office shirt

- a plain OLD t-shirt that could be torn

- swimwear and/or your favourite underwear. Today’s      underwear is equally as creative as ladies lingerie.

- any item that is meaningful to you


Your choice of clothing all depends on what you would like to convey in the images and who you would like to attract.


PLEASE AVOID: clothes with logos, text, branding or distracting prints.

4. the session

5. products

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